Maroons Live On! Free Maroon The Implacable!

Maroons Revolutionary Exodus Black LIberation from Slavery in America

Russell Maroon Shoatz -Messenger of Maroons!

The occult history of America concerns a space where Black, Red, and white together produce the culture of resistance-and the permanent uprising against hegemonic power and alienation. This space could be called the hideout of the Maroons, those few who have made the revolutionary exodus from the world of slavery to the ‘inaccessible’ wilderness of an alternate universe. If the Great Dismal Swamp is no longer a refuge, nevertheless the message of the Maroons lives on, and Russell Maroon Shoatz is today its untamed voice. Free Maroon the Implacable!

Hakim Bey, author of TAZ: The Temporary Autonomous Zone


Human Rights Coalition on Maroon Shoatz’ Sudden Transfer

The Human Rights Coalition (HRC) confirms Mumia Abu Jamal‘s source concerning the transfer of Russell Maroon Shoatz from SCI Greene to SCI Mahanoy:

On Friday, March 29, family members and the legal team of Russell Maroon Shoatz were informed by staff at State Correctional Institution (SCI) Greene , Pennsylvania , that he had been transferred to SCI Mahanoy. The Superintendent’s Assistant at SCI Mahanoy confirmed that Maroon had arrived there on Thursday, March 28. He was immediately placed in solitary confinement, the torturous condition he has endured for over 22 consecutive years (and over thirty years in total since his 1983 incarceration).

Despite the fact that Maroon has not had a serious rule violation in over 20 years, he had been held in solitary confinement continuously during his eighteen years at SCI Greene.

Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) Secretary John Wetzel refused to comment on this “permanent” transfer, or provide any additional information when his office was contacted on Friday.

During the past year, a movement has been developing in support of Maroon. Prominent legal and human rights organizations have come out in support of Maroon, thousands of people have signed petitions, made phone calls, and written letters demanding his immediate release, his case has begun to receive substantial national and international press, and a collection of his writings has just been published – with a national book tour just under way. A major Campaign to Free Russell Maroon Shoatz has been launched, and a legal team has been assembled with plans for potential litigation this spring to challenge the unconstitutional and immoral torture which Maroon continues to be subjected to.

None of this has escaped the notice of the PA DOC.
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